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Past Events

Past Events 

HAAF as a Community Partner at the Mental Health Research Network


In October 2018, the HAAF attended a national meeting on behalf of the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN). The MHRN is a council dedicated to making systematic and impactful change in the realm of mental health. The council has been convening for five years and HAAF recently joined as a community representative. The picture above captures HAAF staff at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) after a meeting discussing the great work the MHRN has done in the past and their vision for the future.

Stand Down, Reach Back: A Veteran's Affair

The H2C Project is a joint effort between the VA, HAAF, and local community based organizers. It is an effort to coordinate better care for Veterans once they leave hospice. The project has grown into a true labor of love between staff, community, and veterans, and the VA. The pictures above are from a Veteran led and planned community event in November 2017. The day was filled with communion, fun, and information for our veterans and the community at large.