Protecting The Legacy




“When “I” is replaced by “we” illness turns to wellness.””



Our Mission

Healthy African American Families is a non-profit, community serving agency. Our mission is to improve the health outcomes of the African American, Latino and Korean communities in Los Angeles County by enhancing the quality of care and advancing social progress through education, training, and collaborative partnering with community, academia, researchers and government.



Everything HAAF does is for the community. We want to ensure that community members have somewhere to go for basic services and resources. We hold our partners accountable for uplifting and empowering our communities.


Our job at HAAF is to bridge the gap between community and academia. Community may be keen on things academia has no idea about and vice versa. We're here to make sure that knowledge is shared between all parties. We use a bi-directional learning method to share our unique wealth of knowledge. 


HAAF believes in partnership whether that be with community members or academia. We ensure that we work together with our stakeholders on both ends of the spectrum to ensure we create and implement solutions that work for the greater good of all parties.


Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. At HAAF resilience is the foundation we stand on. We've created a model in which we teach resiliency classes to many different populations. We help people tap into their own power and take charge of their well-being. 


HAAF’s tagline is "protecting the legacy, continuing the legacy". We are committed to preserving our community and all that is stands for. All knowledge is vital to us and passing it along is crucial. We make it a point to pass the torch to younger people with fresh legs and enthusiasm to continue this work.