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Building Bridges to Optimum Health


“Building Bridges to Optimum Health” is an ongoing series of community partnered participatory research projects. These projects are directed toward educating the community and creating an opportunity for interaction between the lay community, community based organizations, health care providers, the department of health services and academic medical centers.


On October 12th, we will be hosting the Resiliency Against Depression Disparities (RAAD) conference with our partners at UCLA and LSU Health. You can RSVP here.

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Past Conferences 

Legalizing Marijuana; Should we brace for impact. 

Cancer Conference 

Our most recent conference, Prevention, Treatment, and Control in Our Community VI, was a success! We had a day filled with information about cancer treatment, prevention, and survivor-ship. Special thanks to Charles Drew University and our our dedicated community members. Check out the photos below! 

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Stroke Conference

Our stroke conference was our most recent conference. In this episode of our conference series we heard from stroke survivors, clinicians and community members about how stroke has impacted their lives, what the warning signs are, and disparities in coordinated care. Check out some awesome photos from the event! 

Mind Your Mind

Our mind your mind conference focused on Alzheimers and Dimensia specifically in minority communities. We discussed preventative health measures, the signs of Alzheimers and Dimensia, how to care for someone with the  disease, and how to differentiate the disease from normal memory loss. True to HAAFII fashion we brought together community and academics and got the perspective of both medical experts and everyday people. 

Autism Spectrum Disorders: What We Need To Know

Sexuality In Women 50+

Recap one of our most fun conferences to date! This symposium facilitated by Dr. Velma Union was a dissemination of information by Dr. April Thames and her team. Dr. Thames conducted research around the alarming spike in stds among African American women aged 50 or older. Dr. Thames's UCLA office discovered some interesting findings and reported them back to the women involved in the study and the community at large. Check out the video recap below set to Suge Avery's Sistah from the all time classic The Color Purple

Photography and videography by Malon Murphy!