Protecting The Legacy


Protecting The Legacy



Healthy African American Families II (HAAF) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Loretta Jones. It was originally funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to investigate low birth weight and infant mortality in African American women in Los Angeles. Since then HAAFII has grown into a multi-faceted community agency. Part of our mission is to ensure research is being done ethically and equitably in community. We believe in a bidirectional learning model, where all knowledge is important and we hold our partners accountable for reporting back and creating wins for both academia and community.

Our mission is to improve the health outcomes of the African American, Latino, Korean, and other minority communities in Los Angeles County by enhancing the quality of care and advancing social progress through education, training and collaborative partnering with community stakeholders, academia, researchers, and government.  HAAF is widely regarded in the community as an advocate voice, and source of education and training around disparities and research, for the local community. Our partners include Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science, the University of California, Los Angeles, the RAND Corporation, and over 150 community based organizations.  As such, we are dedicated to addressing social, institutional and policy determinants of health equity.   


Our Staff


Our FOunder

The Late Dr. Loretta Jones

As a “Community Gatekeeper,” Ms. Loretta Jones has dedicated her life towards the hope and healing of community. Her career as a civil rights activist, health policy advocate, and social architect has spanned more than 30 years. She is dedicated to leveling the playing field for all people, Ms. Jones continues her unyielding commitment as a change agent against disparities in human health, development, and opportunity.




Felica Jones

Felica  has worked in the non-profit and community health sector for over 15 years, serving families and children in South Los Angeles, CA. Currently she serves as CEO for Healthy African American Families II. In her role she oversees all the projects in the HAAF office including: two partnered projects with Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Men’s project, Breathe Free Asthma & Lead Program, Community Child Health Network Study (CCHN), Restoration Center, and Community Partners In Care (CPIC).



Project Specialist

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a Projects Specialist at Healthy African American Families. She is also a Community Faculty member at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science and co-teaches (with Jim Gilmore, Behavioral Health Services; Carole Eisen, Department of Mental Health; Dr. Arlene Brown and Dr. Kenneth Wells, UCLA) H266, a course on community engagement, for the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar Program at UCLA.

Anthony pictured to the far right.

Anthony pictured to the far right.

Men's Health Coordinator

Anthony Brown 

Anthony Brown has worked in non-profit community agencies for over 15 years. He currently works for Healthy African American Families Phase II as the Men’s Health and Preterm Delivery Coordinator. Anthony's prior projects include working and volunteering with Planned Parenthood L.A. , National Family Life and Education as an Outreach Worker, and Community Coalition.  He has participated and led numerous community forms and focus groups, and is actively involved in community change.

Erica pictured far right

Erica pictured far right

Office Assistant

Ericka Wright

Ericka Wright has volunteered with Healthy African American Families since 2011. She officially joined the team in 2016. and her employment at HAAFII has broadened her knowledge of health disparities in the community. True to the African value of Sankofa, she wants to pay it forward and spread her knowledge to those in need. When Ericka is not at  HAAFII she clocks into her other full time job; being a mom to 7 year old!  


Media Specialist 

Malon Murphy 

Malon Murphy is a research assistant and media specialist. With a film making background and degree from Howard University she uses her production prowess to create high quality content for HAAFII. She has a background in advocacy and is fueled by her passion for the betterment of humanity. Currently, she is working on a documentary "Protecting The Legacy," that celebrates HAAFII and it's 25 years of existence!